Me Daily

What time do you normally get up to go to school?
If I want to get to school early enough for help with homework or classwork before classes, I wake up at 6:30.

What do you normally have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?
So for breakfast it usually cereal (Reeses Puff and Cocoa Pebbles) or Frozen chocolate chip waffles or pancakes. Lunch would be a turkey panini sandwich, pasta, or a caesar salad sometimes with Dr. Pepper. Yay! For dinner, my mom usually cooks and because we’re Vietnamese, we A LOT of asian food.

How do you get to school?
My mom always drives me and my siblings to school in her “bus” the suburban.

How long does it take to get to or from school?
Because we live close to the school, and sometimes when we leave three is traffic, it takes us at a minimum:10 minutes to maximum:20 minutes.

A typical lunch at school.
A normal lunch day would include me eating the normal foods (shown in #2) and my friends the same. Usually our tables hold eight people so my friends and I have to alternate with who sits with who.

Specialist subjects or electives, options.
We can take art, creative writing, band, orchestra, dance, choir, and tech theatre (where they help with making props and help move equipment used in plays).

Do you have to wear uniform?
We wear the most hated uniforms in our middle school. A few years ago. before they changed, for girls they were white polos and navy pleated skirts for Tues-Fri and on Mondays it would be a white button-down shirt with a gray-pleated skirt and a navy blazer over it. For boys, they were they same tops as the girls but the bottoms were khaki pants on Mondays and the choice of khaki shorts/khaki pants for the rest of the week. After the changed the uniform, the boys’ outfits were the same but the girls skirts hard changed. They were gray plaid skirt with ever so often vertical and horizontal lines and even more rare horizontal gold stripes. So, all in all, the new skirts for girls are the most hated because they are the most boring.

Friday 13th Fun!

It’s Friday, Friday, gotta find who is A! Today after school I’m going to have a Pretty Little Liars season 4 marathon with my laptop, a fuzzy blanket, and a whole bunch of popcorn! But first I have to do a two hour tennis training session, do some homework, and then I can do my Friday the 13th marathon! I guess this ‘bad luck day’ isn’t so bad after all.